Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush was born on March 2nd, 1985 in San Diego, California. His nickname is "The President," alluding to George W. Bush. He currently plays for the New Orleans Saints of the NFL. He plays running back, wide receiver, and punt and kickoff returner for the team. He is generally recognized as one of the best running backs in football history due to his speed, agility, evasiveness, and outstanding instincts on the field. Before entering the NFL, Bush had an outstanding career at the University of Southern California. He amassed over 6500 all purposes yards and scored 42 touchdowns in his collegiate career. Here is a list of some of the major awards and recognition that he garnered to date:
1.) In 2005, he was awarded the Heisman Trophy which is awarded to the top college player each year. To win this award is a very big honour.

2.) In celebration of their stellar careers, Bush and fellow QB Matt Leinart appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated which anointed them as the "Best in College Football" in 2005.
3.) 17th player in NCAA history to gain over 2,000 all-purpose yards twice (2,330 yards in 2004 and 2,890 yards in 2005).
4.) He was featured on the cover of the video game NCAA Football 2007 
5.) He was ranked #24 on ESPN's 25 Greatest Players in College Football History list

While all of these awards and recognitions are exceptional, Reggie Bush is an idol of mine for the way he plays the game of football and the similarities that we both share. Firstly, we both played the same positions in football and excelled at scoring touchdowns. Secondly, we are both small in size for football players but managed to find ways to prevail on the gridiron. Many people doubted that I could play football because of my size. I got cut from the team my first year but managed to make the team the next year and played a large role for my team the next 3 years. Reggie Bush faced the same criticism but managed to prevail and carry out a great legacy in the sport of football. Such resiliency, dedication to football and hard work are many of the reasons why Reggie Bush has become an idol of mine. Hard work does pay off and has worked for both myself and Reggie Bush.